Pay By Song

A song is identified as a 0-4 minute production.
Up to 5 revisions.

$100 / song
+ $30 for an extra FULL minute


Small (Demo) Mix

Small touchups and treatments. Typically take 1-3 days to work on the track. Use for very minor recordings

$50 / song
+ $10 for an extra FULL minute


Vocal Mix

This is a special pricing for those who record on top of an instrumental or beat. Save some money and let me work your vocals into the beat.
Very useful for many Hip-Hop and Independent artist.

$30 / song
+ $5 for an extra FULL minute



No gimmicks. No hassle. Give me your mix and I'll make it sound better!

$30 / song


*All mixing prices come with mastering at an extra $10/song. However my recommendation is to budget for a mastering engineer and another set of ears!