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Click to access my Café Google Drive folder. You can add or submit any files for me here. If you are accustomed to using Dropbox, then share the folder to me by email.

 Link to  Café  folder

Link to Café folder


Pay By Song

A song is identified as a 0-4 minute production.
Up to 5 revisions.

$100 / song
+ $30 for an extra FULL minute


Small (Demo) Mix

Small touchups and treatments. Typically take 1-3 days to work on the track. Use for very minor recordings

$50 / song
+ $10 for an extra FULL minute


Vocal Mix

This is a special pricing for those who record on top of an instrumental or beat. Save some money and let me work your vocals into the beat.
Very useful for many Hip-Hop and Independent artist.

$30 / song
+ $5 for an extra FULL minute



No gimmicks. No hassle. Give me your mix and I'll make it sound better!

$30 / song


*All mixing prices come with mastering at an extra $10/song. However my recommendation is to budget for a mastering engineer and another set of ears!

Questions about anything, ask me here!


Choose a Subject.

Questions - For general questions about me, what I do, and any audio related topics
Production - If you have any sort of issues or concerns regarding production ideas or concepts. Or if you have ideas in general.
Mixing - Anyone looking or interested in having me to engineer their next project :)
Mastering - For any who would like me to master their next project :}
Site - If you find any problems or kinks in this site or others I own around the web!

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