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Producer, mixing engineer, artist, and graphic designer Hibru is the very essence of creative diversity. Holding a Bachelor’s degree in Music Production from Old Dominion University and a Master’s degree in Recording Arts & Technologies from the prestigious Middle Tennessee State University, music is a living breathing element of his persona. Producing since the age of 17 and a musician as early as 10, Hibru has solidified himself as a creator in multiple genres and universes. Starting with a core foundation in Hip-Hop, he has found great appreciation in other areas such as jazz, electro, house, soul, downtempo and chill out music. His mixing career started from his early days in college and progressed to being MelloSoulBlack’s chief mixing engineer displaying his skill in the Souled Soundz and SexamaliciousRambunctification albums. Hibru’s career has molded him to wear many hats from producer, to mix engineer, to the elusive mastering engineer. In his spare creative freedom, he composes, arranges, and writes his own albums as a self producing hip-hop artist. Most of his album covers and graphics are derivatives of his photography, creatively edited in order enhance his work's message. Alongside with studio partner and wife Amore, his creative sets and goals are portrayed for the entire world to replay.